My Journey at iOS Developer Academy in Naples


Ciao a tutti cari lettori,

questa volta torno a scrivervi per condividere con voi la mia indimenticabile esperienza all’iOS Developer Academy di Napoli!!


Ebbene sì, sembra solo ieri che ho intrapreso questa grande esperienza e invece il corso si è concluso appena tre giorni fa! In questi mesi ho imparato molto in varie discipline, dal coding, al design al business, ma ciò che più ha arricchito e migliorato le mie skills è stata la possibilità di sharing e di co-working!! Lavorare in un team, definire i ruoli, apprendere nuove conoscenze e imparare secondo il metodo CBL , mi ha permesso di imparare molto più di quanto potessi fare studiando individualmente da un libro o seguendo un corso secondo l’insegnamento tradizionale.

               A shot of the Visitors Team after the 1st Challenge Presentation at iOS Academy 

I 9 mesi appena trascorsi, sono stati mesi intesi, di studio, di lavoro e di collaborazione, in cui mi sono costantmente confrontata con una nuova generazione di conoscenze e di apprendimento. Ma al di là dello studio e degli aspetti tecnici, ciò che più ha contribuito a rendere questa esperienza unica è stato il network di relazioni che si è sviluppato internamente ed esternamente a questo polo creativo. Le amicizie che ho stretto, le intese, i colleghi, il lavoro di squadra, sono ciò che più ha contribuito a rendere speciale questo viaggio e per me tutto questo ha un valore inestimabile!!

                                                   A pic of 1st & 2nd Cohorts at iOS Developer Academy Unina

The first day of the Academy I was very nervous and you can’t imagine how I feel the last one. I could simply not imagine what kind of context I would have found. I was so scared to be unprepared for this kind of project, but just after the first week I realised that this was the nicest place where to give birth to your ideas. Here you have literally everything you need to do so!!

Me & Havana Team after the 2nd Presentation at iOS Academy

          TED TALK with my colleague Roberta Avino about Women Leadership


                      A special selfie with the Apple Vice-president Lisa Jackson

Me & The Corner Team after the Final Challenge Presentation at iOS Developer Academy

A pic of me as iOS Academy Ambassador during the Opening Graduation Day Ceremony

The CBL learning framework has been for me a big change. It has been a completely different way of learning, compared to what I’m used to mean as training.
Abandoning the classical concept of lectures has been like discovering a whole new world, where learning is nothing but boring. Actually, looking for a solution to a real problem, will inevitably lead you to learn more than what you can imagine.
The coding, the design and the business lectures, my favorite ones, have been more practical than theoretical, and this has changed our way of seeing study and learning methods.
Co-working is one of the most powerful things that I have ever experienced here at the academy.
Project ideas, designing innovative businesses, brainstorming and trying to find the best solution to our challenges, has been the greatest experience of my life. This allowed me to improve my skills, growing up professionally and, above all, personally.

Lots of great projects are born in this place. Some of them are already a reality on the App Store, and many others are on the way.
During these months we have developed a network with people around us creating an ecosystem. The Apple Developer Academy contributed to the renovation of this particular area of the city.
Many businesses have arisen in the past few months, and I hope this will contribute to improve the quality of life here.
We have created interesting and innovative projects that could become startups very soon!!

The Developer Academy in Naples has been one of the best opportunities of my life until now, and I would like to thank everyone for making all this possible. Especially for having given us the means to make our dreams come true.

The Academy is like a gym where brain and heart train.

We design with our brain, and we create with our heart.

Giulia Giri

Thanks for Visiting !!

See You Soon

Giulia Giri

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